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In March this year I took a flight to the city of “Siem Reap”. I was staying there for a few days to visit the temple „Angkor Wat“ and “Angkor Thom“. I was very impressed from both temples. During my time the temperatures was going really high, almost 40 degrees. It was very hard for me to go outside. Don’t forget your hut and a sunblocker! The temple “Angkor Wat” is really huge and I was happy that I had a guide with me.

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Cape Town

Since many years I come back very often to this lovely city. During my study I was living here for one year. I was working as a trainee in an architecture office in Cape Town. Today I know the city and the surrounding very well. I lived in a flat in one of the towers which they built below of the Table Mountain. I really could enjoy a nice view over the city.

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Since many years I had the dream to travel to Tibet. In October 2013 I took the train from the city of Beijing to Lhasa. You should take care many months in advance to get a visa for the time of your stay in the country and also to get a ticket for the train. The train is always fully booked and the government changed regularly the visa regulations for the tourists.

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